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Monday, August 1, 2011

it’s been too long…

…so I’ll just jump right in with some family photos.  If I don’t deal with family photos immediately, they don’t get dealt with. I had to force myself not to spend too much time post processing these and just get them up.
This weekend I had the rare experience of getting to spend time with all my siblings at once. This only happens once every few years, as we’ve been a bit spread out. I have a feeling it will happen more often now as we are, at least for the time-being, all on the East Coast now.
As exciting as it was to see my family, getting to meet The Philly Lily, my sister and her boyfriend’s new dog, was certainly the highlight. Diana and Matt gave Lily her first bath at my parents’ house:
My girls had a party to go to after the bath, so we had dinner without them. My Mom served a lovely meal out on the lawn. Despite my being “the photographer,” I forgot my tripod so didn’t get a photo of us altogether. I didn’t even get a photo of one of my brothers. Lame, I know. Here are my Dad, Mom, sister, one of my brothers, and my sister’s fabulous boyfriend.
I’m way behind on my Picture Inspiration photos. I’m trying to catch up with some other stuff – getting my Getty images sorted out and uploaded, for example, and pulling photos together for some other projects.
Leaving you with one last photo of Miss Lily:
Next, maybe I'll manage to get some photos from our trip to Philly up (in honor of Lily?).

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