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Monday, April 30, 2012

Alpaca Shearing

This past weekend, the girls and I met up with my mother and visited Spruce Ridge Farm in Old Chatham, NY, to help out with their alpaca shearing. We’ve been to events like this before, and usually we find ourselves standing outside of fences with a lot of other people, just observing. But on Saturday we got to participate, which was a real treat.

Please do forgive the  slightly wonky formatting of this post and the fact that there are still winter photos in the blog header. It's been a while since I've used this blog, and I am a little rusty.

Here are a few of the alpacas enjoying the last of their long wild hair.

The girls and I mostly helped by corralling individual alpacas in fields and pens (they are not easy to catch!) and holding them while they waited for their turns to be shorn. The alpaca in the next two photos, Adele, is currently the baby of the farm, at just seven months.

We didn’t specifically help with the shearing, but we got to watch up close. The various people working there that day, farmers, shearers, and volunteers, were all very friendly and helpful.

These two bags contain the fur from one alpaca:

You don’t think I’d leave you without photos of some of the shorn alpacas, would you? They looked so proud of themselves! But maybe you can't help that if you have a naturally long neck. I love the way the unshorn alpacas felt the need to come over and check them out.

If you are interested in yarn or products made from these alpacas’ wool, you can visit Spuce Ridge Farm's shop in person or online.

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