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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the shape of surprise

It's time for another round of Picture Inspiration. This week's prompt was "The Shape of Surprise," or to take a photo of something interesting, perhaps a shape, in a reflection. Unlike in last week's prompt, this week we were asked to pay attention to the reflection itself -- whether the item being reflected is actually in the photo is not as important.

I noticed my kitchen faucet reflected on my wet counter and thought it fit the prompt well.  Please notice and admire that I did not crop or photoshop out the flaws in my sink, the raggedy dishcloths, or the bit of rust underneath the breadbox to the right. That's the surprise -- I know how to use my camera and my software to make my world look prettier, neater, and cleaner than it is, and I use those tools often, but I resisted them here. This is my messy kitchen. Surprise!


Beverly said...

these are wonderful. I have not shot for this one yet.

Craig Pennington said...

I like your raggedy dishcloths and the flaws in your sink. Gives the shot character!

Marvett Smith said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! I will visit often! Love your images.

damiec said...

doing my Sunday morning catch-up and it seems you had a pretty busy week. congratulations on this Deirdre! I think your layout is lovely.

SuperDewa said...

My goodness I'm not up with this blog stuff yet and didn't see your comments. Thank you so much! I have to get this figured out. I really don't see how to do flickr and blog at the same time -- one of them has to suffer.

Anonymous said...

beautiful shot ~ reminds me that everyday has magic in it :)

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