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Thursday, April 28, 2011


We've been through a lot this past year, and sadly it's not stuff I can talk about openly and not the kind of stuff one can EVER say good things have come out of. There is no silver lining.

However, even in the worst of circumstances there is always something positive to focus on and always something to be grateful for. This is probably the inspiration behind most of my photography. One of the positive things this past year has been my daughters' relationship. They have always been close, and they have always felt comfortable with each other even when they weren't able to feel comfortable elsewhere. In the lead-up to our crisis, their relationship suffered, and it was hard to watch. But now, as we are trying to heal, their relationship has blossomed once again.

My younger daughter has a school assignment to create a doll representing a part of her ethnic background. My daughter has chosen to create an Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish doll (from my father's side of the family). Most of the students are drawing their dolls on paper, but my daughter wants hers to be special, so she is sewing hers. Thing is -- sewing doesn't come so easily for her, and this is where her sister stepped in. Her sister made a point of coming straight home from school yesterday so she could help plan, cut out, and sew the doll.


I hope to get a photo of the doll when it is finished.

I find myself often converting to black and white for indoor shots. Sometimes the indoor colors can be a distraction from the meaning of the photo.

This past week's Picture Inspiration theme was Observation Mode, and we were supposed to take shots with a documentary feel. The photo on the left is my entry for the week.


Kirstin said...

What a wonderful post! It's so lovely to see them enjoying collaborating!

April said...

How sweet that they are working together, siblings relationships are wonderful. PS I PP my indoor photos to black and white most often too I have a terrible time getting the right WB with all the ambient light :)

Craig Pennington said...

Really lovely images. My sister and I had a very good relationship as kids -- dad was military and we moved and she was pretty much the only constant. Good sibling relationships can help a kid get through a lot.

SuperDewa said...

Thank you!
Craig -- that must be your wonderful SIL who just had a birthday?

Craig Pennington said...

Deirdre -- that was indeed my (kinda extended) SIL -- wife's brother's wife. She's an adventurous soul. She went alone to the Middle East, Syria and other places, after college in the early 90s. Took a solo trip to India right before marrying and then they honeymooned in Thailand. Now they're in Croatia for a semester (BiL is teaching) with three kids.

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