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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farmer’s Market

I’ve fallen behind in blogging (see below), so I’m starting fresh. Here is last week’s Picture Inspiration assignment (week 14: double vision):
Have you ever seen a more beautiful head of lettuce? I fell in love with the bunch, and took the one on the right home (in the photo on the left, it’s in the back on the right). It made a lovely salad. I am so happy to be eating fresh local vegetables again!
Why haven’t I posted in over a month?
I actually think that as much as I love how assigments challenge me and keep me on my game, I’m in over my head with them right now. There’s Picture Inspiration (weekly) plus I did much of Picture Spring in May, and now I’m doing Picture Color, and while all this is going on I’m trying to get photos ready for Getty Images, which is pretty awesome, of course, but it’s taking some time. And I have a few gallery possibilities to think about (exciting, but I’m overwhelmed), and I’m also trying to start an online shop (probably at Then there’s the rest of my life… eek! I'm having a hard time getting just one thing done.
I think I’m going to enforce less photo posting in July. I’m thinking of posting to flickr two or three times a week, no more, and hopefully I’ll have more energy to post here. I have no idea how people who work full time and and/or have young children manage photography and online sharing as well. 
Speaking of trying to manage one’s time, my friend Holly posted a great link on facebook today:  How to Browse Flickr Like a Pro


Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome back. It sounds like you have a whole lot going on, just photographically, so congrats on that! Very exciting. But I know you have a whole other busy life, too. I know I've mentioned it before but I guess we just do the things that mean the most to us in our spare time. I like Flickr but it's my blog I spend most time on but I've reduced my posting to about every 3 days whereas originally I did it 5-6 times a week. Now if I go 4 or 5 days, I don't feel guilty. Flickr I mostly use to post to photojojo although I have upped my Flickr posting a little bit lately and have found some local contacts there that maybe I'll meet someday. I don't know how you keep up with all the Picture ____ workshops. When I take just one, it overwhelms me. Hence, I'm doing none right now...They're fun and get you out there but I just can't have them going all the time, too. We can all only do our best :)

Amy said...

love those images and i get very excited too when the first local veggies come rolling in here.

i try not to be too hard on myself about time spent online - most of my online friends seem to get it as they have lives too. we go through stages with each other. some months they have more time to comment than i do and other months it's the other way around. as for shooting and uploading - the shooting is just part of my daily life and editing and uploading is usually an early morning thing - before everyone is up. or something else has to give - usually it's the housework. my house is a mess. oh well.

sounds like exciting stuff is going on for you D and i can't wait to be around to see it unfold.

April said...

I have a terrible time managing online sharing. I pretty much gave up on flickr, though I love it so much I try and post every once in a while. I stick to my photo blog and family blog (which is my journal) oh and my house is a MESS, really really messy, but I am ok with it!

Marvett Smith said...

Sounds exciting! So many opportunities just means you are loaded with talent! It is hard to balance everything, but I'm guessing most people are like me and they will patiently wait to see your amazing images!

urban muser said...

sounds like you have a lot of interesting things going on. love the lettuce! good luck.

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