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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tracey Clark, our guide through Picture Inspiration and all the other Picture ___ classes, likes pairs. She likes them so much she made them a project and put a slideshow together. Her photos are honest and ordinary and beautiful, and they actually make a me a little teary (those toothbrushes!!!), but me? I don’t tend to see in pairs. I see in ones and threes and larger groups. One of the Picture Spring prompts asked us to look for pairs. I had a hard time last year, and I just skipped over it this year. So I groaned when I saw that this week’s Picture Inspiration prompt was “coupling.” I really want to get through this whole year. I don’t mind getting an entry in late, but I want to do each of them, and this was going to be hard.
But I managed to find something, and only a few days into the week, and I’m actually a little excited about it because I think I might actually have the start of a series of my own here.
I saw them at an estate sale on Saturday, and they instantly reminded me of this favorite photo of mine, that I took back in April at our doctor’s office:
The yellow estate chairs even cried out for a similar processing to the doctor’s office chairs (using CaraRose Presets).
The yellow chairs bring me back to kitchens of my childhood, and the color reminds me of my grandparents’ gold Chevy.
Now my mind is working – a series of chairs – ideally a series of vinyl chairs processed in a filmy style – what if I even started shooting some in film? I don’t know how often I’ll find these, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for them from now on. I think I can do this pair thing.


aclamp said...

Loving this idea Deirdre! Go for it :)

SuperDewa said...

Thanks, Aia!

Bullseye Records said...

I love pairs......and pears

Craig said...

I really like the series idea!

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, it's nice when something speaks to you.

SnapYappy said...

Yes! Just add them as you see them. It can be a lifelong set. I love both shots. :)

Andrea said...

These are really lovely pairs of chairs! I'm in Picture Inspiration and have had a hard time with this one. (Found your blog through Marvett at Savoring the Simple. So happy to find a new blog to follow!)

Tracey said...

I can never find you on PI, so am popping over here. :) I love these chair photos. What a great pair together too. And YES, start a chair series!

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